Areno – How to Earn & Redeem Points
What are Areno Points

Get Paid for performing workouts at Areno. Once you perform a successful workout through a streak building program or compete in a challenge you earn Areno points. Consider this as virtual cash for rewarding the good and healthy practices. These Areno points can be used to participate in point challenges or can be redeemed into cash vouchers / charity.

How to earn Areno Points
There are many ways to earn Areno points:
1) New user registration: For every new user registration, we will reward promotional Areno points as welcome bonus, these points can be used to participate in various point challenges.
2) Through streak building program: A streak is defined by number of days in a calendar month you work-out, they do not have to be continuous days. The more the number of days you perform any workout through Areno App the more you will get rewarded. The points will be rewarded on daily basis. Starting 1st March 2023 rewards for streaks are as follows and this is subject to change:
a. We hate to wait and so do you, now you can gain 10 points daily by working out on any challenge.
b. Points will be rewarded once you complete your first challenge in the day.
3) Through point challenges: The point challenges are fixed period challenges for every workout. User may choose to participate in an ongoing point challenge or register for an upcoming point challenge. Doing so user will be spending required points from his/her point balance to register for these competitions. Once the competition is over user will be rewarded the points, he/she won by participating in these challenges.
3) Referrals: Invite your friends to compete with them and get rewarded for referrals. For every referral you will get 100 Points that will be added to your points balance as well as your friend point balance upon succesful completion of a point challenge. Make sure your friend has added your referral code in “referred by” field upon registration. This is an upcoming feature.
How to redeem Areno Points
This is the happy part; all the hard work is being converted into cash vouchers or charity. In order to redeem, you simply need to click on the Areno points shown on app home screen or on the user profile screen, once you do that you will be shown your point balance on the screen with history and if they can be redeemed.
Please note you can only redeem minimum 1000 Areno points or in multiple of 1000 points. For example, if you have 1250 points balance then you will be able to redeem 1000 points and remaining 250 will continue to show on your point balance.
You may choose one option per redemption from the list of options shown. Once selected and submitted your points will be deducted towards redemption and you will get a voucher code on your registered mobile number within 48 hours of submitting the request.
For any further clarifications, please do write to us at