Areno Health Advisory
At Areno, we want to ensure that every user is well aware of do’s and don’ts to be followed while performing workouts on our app. Below are some of the generic ones which you should go through before using the App for any workout:
  1. Before performing any workout on Areno, do some warm-up and stretching
  2. Stay hydrated and drink water in between workouts
  3. Get enough sleep when you are performing workouts
  4. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing while doing workouts
  5. Breathe normally during the workouts
  6. Use appropriate posture and maintain correct form as shown on Areno app for any work out
  7. Cool down after work out by slowly walking around to bring down your heart rate gradually
  8. Grab a snack after working out
  1. If you are suffering from any kind of illness, injury or if you are a heart patient, please do not workout. Consult your doctor before doing any exercises
  2. Do not work through pain and stop the work out if you are experiencing pain in any part of the body
  3. If you feel dizziness or any discomfort while doing any of the work-outs then immediately stop and see if this gets better. If needed be, consult your doctor
  4. Don’t work out immediately after eating a heavy meal
  5. If you have not slept well and are feeling too tired, do not workout
  6. Don’t do intensive workouts if you are pregnant and perform any exercise only after consulting your doctor
  7. Never hold your breath during any work out or while holding any position
  8. Don’t go all out all of a sudden during any workout, gradually increase your intensity
Here are some guidelines to be followed for push-ups:
  1. While doing push-ups, don’t flare up your elbows sideways
  2. Keep your hips always aligned with your shoulders while doing push-ups
  3. Don’t place your hands in front of your shoulders, they should be placed below the shoulders and at shoulder-width apart
  4. Keep your palm and toes on the floor and at same level
Here are some guidelines to be followed for planks:
  1. Keep your whole body in a line while holding the plank position
  2. Breathe the whole time while in plank position
  3. Keep your elbows directly beneath your shoulders
  4. Don’t stick your body or any part in the air
  5. Let your hips sag toward the ground and do not keep them lifted up
  6. You can either drop your head down or look up while holding the plank position
Here are some guidelines to be followed for high knees:
  1. While doing high knees, keep your back straight up
  2. Look straight in front of you
  3. Move your arms naturally
Here are some guidelines to be followed for squats:
  1. Don’t do shallow squats, ensure you go down completely and come back up
  2. Don't allow your knees to go beyond where your toes end, this is not good for the joints
  3. Arching your back when sitting back is not advisable for squats at all, you should keep your back straight.
  4. Don’t get in the habit of letting your heels lift as you lower down. This puts more strain on your joints and knees.