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Home Workouts

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Track Daily Steps

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Fitness Games

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About Areno

Welcome to Areno, your ultimate destination for AI-powered virtual fitness arena! Areno revolutionizes the fitness world by providing a cutting-edge platform, a fitness app, where users can engage in exhilarating challenges across a variety of bodyweight workouts at home, including push-ups, squats, high knees, planks, situps and jumping jacks. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Areno app accurately measures your fitness activities, home workouts and exercises using just your mobile device's front-facing camera – no external wearables required.

But Areno isn't just about competition – it's about building healthy habits. Apart from doing AI-measured fitness workouts and execercises, user can track their steps when they go for walk, jog or run. Users can track their progress, earn rewards for staying fit, and even create impressive fitness streaks, all while enjoying the thrill of gamified fitness app. With every challenge won and streak built, you'll earn valuable Areno points that can be redeemed for cash vouchers, turning your fitness journey into a rewarding experience.

You don't need to commit fixed time for your fitness classes or going to the gym, instead have the flexibility to do home workouts without any equipment. Areno is an exercise app where most of the exercises and fitness routines are for only 1 min and can be done anytime, anywhere. It offers you fitness options and exercises for weight loss, building muscles, looking good or just staying fit and healthy.

On Areno fitness app, the camera is AI-powered and acts as your fitness trainer or buddy. It helps you achieve your fitness goals and fulfill your fitness resolutions. The best part is that you can use the app for free and to avail our premium features, you can purchase the subscription starting at just INR 1 per day, which is peanuts as compared to expensive gym memberships. The icing on the cake is that through rewards you can win back your Areno subscription if you do workouts regularly. So leave that pricey, un-used gym memberships and get started with rewarding Areno subscription, never before workout app.

You can do exercises at home without worrying about your privacy as we do not store or record any workout videos, the AI measures them in real-time. And you know where does this AI buddy live? In your device and not on our server!

At Areno, we believe in incentivizing health and well-being. Say goodbye to lackluster motivation and hello to a community where staying fit pays off – literally! Join Areno today and transform your fitness goals into tangible rewards. Because at Areno, we are committed to proving that "Health is Wealth" in more ways than one.